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Peak Oil Matters

A fresh perspective on the concept of peak oil and the challenges we face


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The tendency to justify the system may interfere with a clear evaluation of environmentally damaging aspects of the socioeconomic status quo and prevent a person from becoming dissatisfied and from taking action to correct environmental problems or stop destructive cycles

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Americans only want to hear about the promise of ‘energy independence;’ they don’t want to hear that independence will ultimately mean higher prices. [1] 

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Those of us paying attention to oil supply issues are on occasion torn by decisions as to whether to simply be amused by the maddening, cherry-picked attempts at analysis of the “myth” of peak oil [similar to the myth of gravity], or  just annoyed as hell that even the simplest concepts are either lied about or are so baffling to the anti-fact crowds that their only option is to nonetheless display their lack of understanding by passing along nonsense and misleading pseudo-facts to an unsuspecting public. continue reading…










So instead of a more self-reflexive populace that understands everyone — including oneself — is full of contradictions, and more importantly, that it’s entirely natural to have some analytical imperfections, we’ve become a society of self-denial, where a person’s opinions can be easily discredited unless they practice an impossibly monastic lifestyle. [1]

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Recent publications featuring the impressive tales of the billions made by oil industry entrepreneurs does have a certain appeal to it, whether one is a cynic or fawning admirer. The levels of success and wealth enjoyed by those few—ignoring the not-always idealistic paths ushering continue reading…









The roster of Fellows at the Post Carbon Institute hardly strikes any reasonable person as a collection of bug-eyed extremists out to strike fear into the hearts of mere mortals everywhere. Disagree if one must with the conclusions they draw, but this think tank has shared with the continue reading…