Happy New Year


Like many, the election results have left me more than a bit flabbergasted. The list of synonyms is long, and none are pleasant.

I’ve devoted a lot of time, effort, and thought to the issues, challenges, and potential consequences of peak oil/our future energy supply, and I’m proud to have had a voice in the discussions.

While I am not abandoning all efforts going forward, postings for the foreseeable future will likely be sporadic at best unless an issue of such import and potential to affect us necessitates that I toss in a word or two. I’ll still post a Tweet on peak oil and/or climate change more often than not, but I’m going to turn my attentions, time, efforts, and voice to raising my own concerns about the consequences of voters having deposited a know-nothing, dangerous, vindictive authoritarian in the White House.

Those of us who fear the damage awaiting our democracy, our culture, and the traditions of decency upon which American exceptionalism stands, courtesy of this awful human being now in charge, hope–as I do–that we are all wrong. But even as overly optimistic as I tend to be, it is difficult to disregard the norms already cast aside by this menacing and astonishingly unqualified peddler of fear and aberrant behavior.

As consequential as the risks of ignoring the limitations of  a finite energy supply may be, failing to offer a voice–no matter how small–to challenge the policies, attitudes, decisions, appointments, and steady stream of mean-spirited, ignorant pronouncements offered up by our Tweeter-in-Chief is a choice I cannot make in good conscience. And so I’ll invite you to check out my website and Twitter account in the days and weeks ahead to join in the conversation as to how we continue to work together to make our nation and our world a bit better today than yesterday–t-Rump’s presence and influence notwithstanding.

And check back here now and then as well … I may have an insight or two to help us deal with the challenges which continued production of expensive, finite energy resources will surely impose on all of us. Peak Oil Matters … still.

Thank you