As cognitive dissonance theory would predict, people tend to avoid information that is dissonant with their current beliefs and seek consonant information, especially when they are already committed to a particular position [citations in original pdf]

I’ll conclude this portion of the series with some unedited comments about President Obama by anonymous readers of the American Thinker article discussed in prior posts. It’s a remarkable but unfortunately not uncommon sampling of what passes for reasoned responses—at least for those having any relevance at all to the article about our future energy supply and its dismissive treatment of any concerns about fossil fuel production—from a too-large segment of the far Right on almost any issue dividing Left from Right. That’s not to say those on the Left don’t contribute their share of discord, but from my very unscientific observations over a numbers of years, the personal attacks are far fewer; and one finds more substantiation of the positions taken.

While the statements establish the authors’ bona fides as members of that tribe, it does absolutely nothing in the way of offering meaningful contributions. What it says about their critical thinking abilities and character I leave to others to decide.

He knows nothing about science and engineering and the technical trade offs and benefits. He could care less.
He just listens to his unicorns and fairies and believes he can change the laws of physics with a pen and a phone.

Obama doesn’t seem to understand that he is science illiterate… and calls real scientists that are skeptical of the CAGW theory ‘flat earth society members.’” I would love to have 30 minutes of science quizzing of that fool to expose his ignorance to the world.

Obama is so ignorant that he is ignorant of the fact that he is ignorant.

Isn’t this JUST what the Obummer really wants??? To bring us back to the seventh century like all of the other muslims!

If there is any credibility to this climate change it has to be dealt with after the fact or when it is totally obvious to everyone even the third world. So far it’s proven to be junk science with political involvement and tainted with corruption.

Its a SCAM and it always has been a SCAM and it always will be a SCAM

Leftists, aka Democrats or progressives are ignorant of facts and hate humanity as evidenced by their promotion of abortion but wish to preserve the delta smelt.

Obama and his minions have done more to damage the scientific method in the world today than anyone in history. NASA, NOAA, most university researchers, and many other scientific organizations have been corrupted completely by the Marxist movement around the world

The liberals’ global warming is the biggest scam and hoax ever perpetuated in the world. There is no such thing it is a theory that has not been proven nor will it ever be proven. It is a religion no science whatsoever. It is a scheme to tax the wealthier countries for the benefit of poorer ones but the real scam is none of the money ever reaches poorer countries. It is a way for liberals to take more freedom and liberty under the guise of we have to do something give me your money. Not one of the creep Al Gore’s predictions or any other global warming nuts has ever come to pass while he jets around the world in a personal plane to 4 mansions he owns with $20,000 monthly electric bills. He doesn’t believe any of it obviously so why would I?

I have NO IDEA what goes through the man’s head – if you want to call it that. So polluted, so twisted and dark. Does the man have any ‘normal feelings’ or is he more alien than man? I have no idea of what is going on with the marriage, or if they even like each other. Much inclined to believe ‘Michael’ rather than ‘Michelle’, but what do they see in each other? Complete mystery.

The Progressive Left is at war with Reality. Whether that reality is Economics, Science, Human Nature or Biology they think their fanticys trump all.

No its not its WATER MANAGEMENT , California does not have a DROUGHT it has a GROSS DEMONCRATIC WATER MISMANAGEMENT problem and the same applies everywhere else there is a ‘drought’ problem.

What might be even more fascinating is to note the similarities and confirmations of Robert Altemeyer’s summary [on the sidebar of that linked page] on his findings about Authoritarian followers—the great majority of whom exist on the far Right:

[A]s a group, social conservatives share the psychological trait of being authoritarian followers. And you can hardly miss the authoritarian follower tendencies in the behavior of the Tea Partiers.

1. Authoritarian followers submit to the people they consider authorities much more
2. Fear constantly pulses through authoritarian followers
3. Self-righteousness runs very strongly in authoritarian followers, and combines with fear to unleash aggression in them
4. Authoritarian aggression is one of the defining characteristics of authoritarian followers.
5. Authoritarian followers have more trouble thinking logically than most people do. In particular, they tend to agree with sayings and slogans, even contradictory ones, because they have heard them a lot.
6. Authoritarian followers will readily believe that lots of things are our ‘biggest problem.’
7. Authoritarian followers can have so many contradictory beliefs and ‘biggest problems’ because their thinking is highly compartmentalized. Their thinking is so unintegrated because they have spent their lives copying what their authorities say, without examining whether the ideas fit together sensibly.
8. Highly compartmentalized thinking makes it easy for authoritarian followers to employ double standards in their judgments.
9. Authoritarian followers seem to want to disappear as individuals. They’re not comfortable taking stands on their own, or acting alone. Instead they seem fulfilled simply by being part of a large, powerful movement on the march.
10. [A]uthoritarian followers lead the league in being dogmatic. When their leaders set their opinions for them, those opinions are set in stone….[T]hey don’t really know why they believe what they believe. They didn’t figure it out for themselves; they Xeroxed what their authorities said.
11. Authoritarian followers are notably ethnocentric, constantly judging others and events through ‘Us versus Them’ lenses….They stick to news outlets that tell them what they want to hear. They live in a polarized world, divided into their in-group, and out-groups consisting of everybody else.
Authoritarian followers have to get their ideas ‘validated’ by others more than most people do. So they constantly seek out sources of information that will tell them they’re right. It amounts to in-group in-breeding of the intellect. Research shows that less authoritarian people are more likely to consider different sides of an issue, and figure things out more for themselves.
12. Studies have found that authoritarian followers are among the most prejudiced people in society. It is the nastiest aspect of their ethnocentrism, and one they insistently deny—to others and to themselves. And they really do not realize how prejudiced they are, compared with others, because they associate so much with other prejudiced people….
The list of parallels between the research on authoritarian followers and the behavior of Tea Partiers probably extends well beyond twelve. For example, such followers in general have very poor self-insight; they realize almost nothing about how unfavorably they stack up compared to most people. As well, authoritarian followers run away from bad news about themselves; they are highly defensive. Authoritarian followers also have a strong tendency to be zealots, and Tea Partiers seem quite zealous.

Are we really not better than this?


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