An observation worth noting … and pondering, courtesy of Kate Sheppard:

The oil industry’s leading lobby group, the American Petroleum Institute, debuted its 2014 agenda on Tuesday: Keystone, Keystone, and more Keystone.
To be fair, the agenda, which API president and CEO Jack Gerard laid out in a speech at the Newseum Tuesday afternoon, also listed other key issues for the year….
‘This has gone on far too long,’ Gerard said. ‘I’d like to point out that the now five-plus year evaluation process of the Keystone XL pipeline has lasted longer than America’s involvement in the second World War, longer than it took our nation to put a man in space, and almost as long as it took to build the Transcontinental Railroad 155 years ago….’
Gerard called the Keystone delay ‘a good example of why policy matters and how dogmatic adherence to political ideology can trump economic reality.’

We have an early leader in the “Pot Calling The Kettle Black” contest for 2014! An obvious right-winger arguing in favor of policy and planning while arguing against blind political ideology, and condemning denial of reality as a bonus. Up is now down….

When I first read that comment from Mr. Gerard, I actually laughed out loud. As long as policy is directed to honor the great capitalist god—consequences to everyone else be damned—then it’s good policy. Ideology opposed to Mr. Gerard’s interest? Bad. In favor? Good.

One of the oil industry’s senior cheerleading captains, who has made a career out of opposing everything President Obama’s Administration has proposed to curb blind support of fossil fuel production, consequences-be-damned, based solely on his own ideological leanings, is now arguing that’s not a sound basis for decision-making.

Gee whiz … why am I so surprised?

It might be nice if we could inject some rational, integrity-laden, concern-for-citizens considerations into the discussions about our energy future—discussions not focused solely on what’s best for Jack Gerard’s constituency. Imagine what that might accomplish instead!

Ever the optimist….

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