An observation worth noting … and pondering, from Ugo Bardi:

We live in a world where scientific evidence is trashed by ideological opinion, where people who learn from experience are accused of being flip-floppers, where changing one’s mind on the basis of new data is seen as admitting one’s lack of moral fiber.

If this were a recounting of an era in our distant past, when one group’s obvious foolishness, cowardice, outright stupidity, and appalling lack of integrity and concern for others were being examined as some sociological/cultural study, we could just shake our heads in awe at how an otherwise intelligent society could have been so easily mislead. That the concerted efforts of a relatively small group of nonetheless powerful voices would take so many others down paths where avoidable consequences were completely ignored would be Exhibit A for “What Not To Do.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of a dispassionate analysis. We are the ones heading down the wrong paths by our blind reliance on the self-serving and too often misleading pronouncements of so-called leaders. When the consequences make themselves known more clearly than is now the case, all the finger-pointing and blaming others in the world won’t help us for a single moment.

We’re not running out of oil, nor will we for who knows how many decades. But we’re not going to have as much, as efficient, as affordable, and as easily obtained as the last fifty-plus years might suggest. Finite resources remain finite resources, and when we are using up the good stuff faster and in more ways than ever before, what’s left just isn’t as good as the good stuff.

It’s not any simpler than that. The next question should be obvious: What should we do?

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