An observation worth noting … and pondering, from Chris Martenson:

We are at a key turning moment in history. The actions that we will soon decide to take will be determined by the beliefs we hold. At a time like this, holding the wrong set of beliefs can destroy your wealth, sap your joy, and even prove to be life-shortening.
Knowing the ‘right’ sets of beliefs to hold is never easy, but it is especially difficult at large turning points because, by definition, most people are holding onto old beliefs. Running against the crowd is difficult for everyone and impossible for many.
Beliefs matter. A lot….
[O]il is a finite substance. When it is burned, it is gone. Without stretching our brains very far, it is easy to conclude that anything that is finite and consumed will someday be gone.
Peak Oil, then, is really an observation, not a theory….
I am of the opinion that for some people, information (or data) and beliefs have an awkward relationship at best, and a non-existent one at worst.

There are only a fortunate few who awaken each day with no worriers about their finances or lifestyles or choices or demands or needs….

For most of us, every day represents a new (or ongoing) set of challenges—some more daunting than others—all hopefully at a minimum “manageable.” That’s just in the familiar bubble of our own lives. Matters out there in Washington or the Middle East or in other states demand varying levels of attention and concern on our parts, but mostly we assume/hope/imagine unnamed others are paying attention to the details and and obligations. Apparently those “others” have no demands or responsibilities in their own lives….

Climate change; political dysfunctions; economic concerns; energy supply; judicial decisions; industrial challenges, and who-knows-how-many other issues of regional, national, or worldwide importance are matters we pay attention to in different ways and with different degrees of passion, but we can’t “afford” to make them too personal. Plates are full as is. I get that; I live that, too.

But it’s one thing to take a pass on bigger picture concerns. It’s a whole different ballgame when we anchor beliefs about those same matters on limited and/or outdated information, or on facts that aren’t facts at all—just Happy Talk from some of those “others” with an agenda decidedly different and contrary to your own (should you give that much thought).

Oil is a finite resource. We’ve been drawing it down for nearly two centuries, and no one in the industry is so stupid that they would have devoted countless billions of dollars over the years to extract the hardest to find and most expensive, inferior quality supplies. So on the assumption that that’s just stating the obvious, and with only a moment’s pause to understand how much more it costs and how much more effort is now required to extract harder-to-find and inferior quality supplies, it’s not a stretch to believe that we have now and for our future some legitimate energy supply issues to contend with and plan for.

Daunting to be sure, given the impact and consequences if we don’t do anything except listen to cheerleaders tell their self-serving stories. But do we really want to leave those kinds of problems to another day—or for our children to deal with?

Beliefs do matter … a lot. Facts do, too.

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