An observation worth noting … and pondering, from Gail Tverberg:

Apart from improved gasoline mileage, the vast majority of the savings seem to come from (1) continued shrinkage of US industrial activity, (2) a reduction in vehicle miles traveled, and (3) recessionary influences (likely related to high oil prices) on businesses, leading to job layoffs and less fuel use.

Another of those damned annoying facts glossed over or carefully-massaged by fossil fuel industry cheerleaders in their tall tale of impending energy independence are the fuller explanations for why oil demand has declined here in recent years while our oil production has been on the rise.

No question that improving fuel efficiency has contributed to the demand decline, although Chris Nelder has demonstrated that the attributable amount is not exactly eye-popping.

But shrinking industrial activity isn’t exactly a good thing. Likewise, recessionary influences and job layoffs aren’t causes for celebration either. Optimist that I am, when happens when industrial activity picks up, recessionary influences moderate, and employment rates notch back up … while conventional crude oil production continues to flat-line and tight oil wells continue their rapid decline requiring even more high-priced drilling for inferior quality supply?

Perhaps those with the power to lead and influence change might consider a meeting or two to consider some new plans?

No change in this assessment: Blind Faith is still and always a better rock band than energy policy.

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