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An observation worth noting … and pondering, from Chris Nelder:

I really didn’t think I’d have to say this again, but peak oil is about data, and specifically data about the production rate of oil. If you want to claim that peak oil is dead (or alive), you have to talk about data on production rates. There is no other way to discuss it.

It’s just not that difficult a concept.

Despite the diligent efforts of deniers to assure the public that we’re “not running out of oil” because “human ingenuity” and “technological advancements courtesy of the free market” are resulting in “vastly massive potential” blah, blah, blah, facts still matter. So no matter what the Ingenious Technology Fairy might potentially find, that’s all secondary.

If the tar sands/tight oil and their brethren cannot be extracted at a rate sufficient to meet demand, at affordable costs, in sufficient quantities in timely fashion and of a quality matching the conventional resources which are past peak [just for starters], the Happy Talk is just that.

What’s now being relied upon requires more financial investments and greater expenditures of energy to extract, produce, refine, and deliver. It costs more. It’s more challenging to locate and extract. It does not provide the same energy bang for the buck as the finite resource we’ve all been relying upon for nearly two centuries.

Annoying details, but the facts matter. Rate of production matters, too. If your go-to people aren’t discussing and explaining these issues, then they have an agenda different than yours.

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