An observation worth noting … and pondering, from Neil Peirce:

Is all economic growth always a good thing?
The McKinsey Global Institute predicts an expansion of the world’s ‘consuming class,’ 1 billion new middle-class city residents whose demand between now and 2024 will fuel astronomic expansion in commerce, ports, building and vehicle sales.

So what’s the plan?

Are we going to be content with the realization that our failure to heed facts and truth and reality about Peak Oil when they were clearly evident has resulted in a future with far fewer options for transportation, economic growth, and general progress? Is the better option to avoid (even more) unpleasant realizations today so that we’re confronted with even more of them down the road—and with fewer options then than we may have now?

Our conventional sources of “easy” oil have been at a plateau for more than a couple of years now. For all the hype about tar sands and shale/tight oil and our great human ingenuity and the magic of technology, facts suggest that our blind reliance on these unconventional substitutes at the expense of planning will lead us to one hellacious train wreck. The date won’t matter. It will be too soon, and too late for us to reverse course painlessly.

The failure to appreciate the facts today is no excuse to pretend they don’t exist. It’s an appealing strategy today, and if one’s definition of “the future” doesn’t extend much beyond a few short years, then deny away! You’ll probably be okay.

But who is the lucky soul who gets to explain to our children the shortsightedness and disregard for evidence too many of our “leaders” relied upon as their governing principles?

Is making things worse for more people for a longer period of time really the better strategy?

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