An observation worth noting … and pondering, from Jesse Parent:

Thus, there is an inherent cut-off point approaching – and it is very different from the shocks, jolts, and other experiences that formed our current national paradigm of energy and gas prices.
That is the point that I feel needs to be stressed, and it’s lack of emphasis, in my opinion, is the substantial failure of our energy education. Until this realization is made commonplace, the hardships we will endure (are enduring) won’t make sense, and the obstacles in the way of a logistically sustainable future will not have proper context. The world as we know it was built via cheap, easily transportable, and highly dependable fuel, and that fuel is essentially non-renewable in supply. At present, there is no substitute for fossil fuels in this way, as per the actual capacity to supply us with the energy we need to live in the society we do.

The process of acquiring levels of energy education sufficient enough for most of us to grasp what we face on the downside of oil production rates is a dual responsibility.

Citizens have access to more than enough objective information, explained in basic terms, so that they can make their own informed decisions about the realities of our energy supplies (and the long-term implications) without expending a lot of time or effort. That’s one part.

The other is much more challenging: asking those with vested economic or political interests to stop telling the public only part of the story which contains only part of the truths and part of the key issues and part of the likely consequences.

Easier said than done of course, but the more we educate ourselves and grab just a bit of the common sense we pride ourselves on, the better our chances of appreciating the challenges in the too-soon future we’ll be facing. Armed with that knowledge, it will then be much easier for us to insist upon—and obtain—the truths we’ll need to plan and adapt.

Who is being helped by withholding the truth? Who suffers?

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