Per my last post on May 25, computer problems took a couple of weeks longer than anticipated to work themselves out, and thereafter I decided to take a couple of additional weeks to assess where I go from here with this blog.

For the next 10 weeks or so, I expect to post at least once each week on the topic of Peak Oil, consistent with the direction I’ve been taking in the past few months. A couple of weeks’ vacation coming up in August will be a (welcome) detour, and I will also be using this time to expand my writings elsewhere on the ‘net while also devoting a fair amount of time to turning my outline for this blog into a book outline. More details will follow.

Certainly the bizarre debt-ceiling antics on Capitol Hill have added a bit more drama to the economic challenges now confronting us, and I’m expecting that more political discussions will find their way into upcoming posts, although I’m not ruling out a separate blog.

So, my next post—a continuation of the series I started weeks ago (first one here)—will find its way into print early next week.

Stay tuned!