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Peak Oil Matters

A fresh perspective on the concept of peak oil and the challenges we face

              Human nature being what it is, predictably there are those who still harbor doubts about certain issues pertaining to current and future fossil fuel supplies. There is, however, no doubt that there’s an over-abundance of juvenile, fact-free nonsense passing as gospel truth from industry cheerleaders and media counterparts.

              Good to see that even after months on hiatus, not much changes on the Right, right? First up:

Thanks again for stopping by The never-ending renovation project [complete with solar panels and additional energy conservation upgrades] is almost over – many weeks behind schedule but well-worth the delays! I will begin writing immediately after the Labor Day holiday, and will begin posting some time later in September. Enjoy the rest of the summer! […]

Thanks for checking in We’re running a bit behind schedule on major renovations to our new home, and coupled with an out-of-state graduation and other family matters occupying most of my time these days, I’m obliged to take what I hope will be my last unplanned sabbatical from posting. I expect to be back to […]

              One could argue that the most dangerous push in our energy/environment discussion is that which seeks to stop/limit oil production and/or divest from oil companies. That’s because our primary fuel has nowhere near a significant substitute. As such, publicly-traded oil companies are the lone bastion between us and […]

              While all the buzz surrounds oil prices, the global demand side remains on solid footing: up. Supplying 33% of all energy, oil is the world’s primary fuel. Oil is so important that global demand is ever-growing: 67 million b/d in 1990, 77 million b/d in 2000, and 91 […]

              When you read the literature and compare the arguments as laid out by the two sides, the Peak Oil argument is characterized by logic, rigor, data and hard science – just like the global warming argument a few years back – and the opposing side is characterized by, […]

              A near-perfect example in the continuing line of cherry-picked, mostly fact- and context-free Happy Talk about U.S. oil production came courtesy of this Tyler Crowe article several months ago. (The title “America Has Saved the World From a Global Oil Crisis” is just a bonus … aren’t we […]

              Shortsighted as a strategy is … well, shortsighted. Too bad that’s not the worst that can be said about it. Good to know that in my unexpectedly long absence away from posting that not much has changed, price drops and production numbers notwithstanding…. Fossil fuel and utility interests, […]

Thanks for checking in I had hoped to resume posting this week, but it looks like it will be at least another 4-5 weeks before I can return to a normal schedule, so please check back in the latter half of March for what I hope will be a resumption of regular weekly posts.   […]