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Peak Oil Matters

A fresh perspective on the concept of peak oil and the challenges we face

              When you read the literature and compare the arguments as laid out by the two sides, the Peak Oil argument is characterized by logic, rigor, data and hard science – just like the global warming argument a few years back – and the opposing side is characterized by, […]

              A near-perfect example in the continuing line of cherry-picked, mostly fact- and context-free Happy Talk about U.S. oil production came courtesy of this Tyler Crowe article several months ago. (The title “America Has Saved the World From a Global Oil Crisis” is just a bonus … aren’t we […]

              Shortsighted as a strategy is … well, shortsighted. Too bad that’s not the worst that can be said about it. Good to know that in my unexpectedly long absence away from posting that not much has changed, price drops and production numbers notwithstanding…. Fossil fuel and utility interests, […]

Thanks for checking in I had hoped to resume posting this week, but it looks like it will be at least another 4-5 weeks before I can return to a normal schedule, so please check back in the latter half of March for what I hope will be a resumption of regular weekly posts.   […]

Happy New Year and thank you for checking in once again. In early December, as I was winding down my blog postings for the holiday season, I was planning to return this week and carry on with more or less weekly writings as always A lot has happened in the past month:      * in […]

                Amazingly, there are many people who believe in peak oil.… Michael Lynch offered that comment early in a not surprisingly vague article arguing peak oil this past summer. [Not that vague is a new tactic for him. Five years ago, Chris Nelder offered a concise analysis of […]

              Daniel Yergin’s Pulitzer Prize (for his book The Quest) has earned him a fair amount of street cred, judging by how often his opinions are solicited on the state of fossil fuel supply and production. I haven’t read the book, but I’d be lying if I said that […]

              The economic effects of peak oil are as obvious as they are frightening. The most immediate effect is to increase oil prices, and this has its own effect of slowing the economy down. There was a period in which Saudi Arabia could modulate the world’s rate of oil […]

                The economic paradigm we are currently engaged in must change in order to end our oil obsessed economy simply because no alternative energy resource will yield equal energy outputs. A realistic shared vision of what global prosperity might look like in an age of depleting resources is required […]

              ‘[P]eak oil’ is a global issue resulting from dependency on finite oil resources and associated vulnerability to changes in supply. The global economy must engage in changes and these changes must start with our misperceptions of prosperity as synonymous with capital. If we can transition to a paradigm […]