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Peak Oil Matters

A fresh perspective on the concept of peak oil and the challenges we face

            As is still the case—unfortunately, for all of us—there remains a sizeable number of individuals, organizations, and other associations determined at all costs [literally] to preserve the primacy of fossil fuels to power us into the future. Facts: good when they can be massaged to fit the partial-truth narrative […]

            We face a choice going forward. There’s a kind of false dichotomy, a false choice that we’re being presented between policies on the left or policies on the right. It’s not left or right, it’s forward or backward. It’s a choice between investing in the future, leaving a better […]

Thank you for stopping by to check this out! It’s good to be back….   Looking Left and Right: Inspiring Different Ideas, Envisioning Better Tomorrows Peak Oil Matters is dedicated to informing others about the significance and impact of Peak Oil—while adding observations about politics, ideology, transportation, and smart growth.    

              Imagine what would happen if citizens took a moment or two to ponder the implications of the nonsense peddled to them daily by those public voices having decidedly different priorities than the public’s continued well-being….

              We continue with an examination of the statements offered in a recent example of cherry-picked nonsense, an article entitled: “Earth Is An Oil-Producing Machine — We’re Not Running Out.” The fine art of misleading the uninformed….

              Human nature being what it is, predictably there are those who still harbor doubts about certain issues pertaining to current and future fossil fuel supplies. There is, however, no doubt that there’s an over-abundance of juvenile, fact-free nonsense passing as gospel truth from industry cheerleaders and media counterparts.

              Good to see that even after months on hiatus, not much changes on the Right, right? First up:

Thanks again for stopping by The never-ending renovation project [complete with solar panels and additional energy conservation upgrades] is almost over – many weeks behind schedule but well-worth the delays! I will begin writing immediately after the Labor Day holiday, and will begin posting some time later in September. Enjoy the rest of the summer! […]

Thanks for checking in We’re running a bit behind schedule on major renovations to our new home, and coupled with an out-of-state graduation and other family matters occupying most of my time these days, I’m obliged to take what I hope will be my last unplanned sabbatical from posting. I expect to be back to […]

              One could argue that the most dangerous push in our energy/environment discussion is that which seeks to stop/limit oil production and/or divest from oil companies. That’s because our primary fuel has nowhere near a significant substitute. As such, publicly-traded oil companies are the lone bastion between us and […]