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Peak Oil Matters

A fresh perspective on the concept of peak oil and the challenges we face

              Several months ago, one of this year’s better features on the subject of peak oil was offered by John Kaufmann in his article entitled: The Energy Independence Illusion. It’s an excellent read [adapted from a presentation to the World Affairs Council of Oregon this past march] for anyone […]

                Americans only want to hear about the promise of ‘energy independence;’ they don’t want to hear that independence will ultimately mean higher prices. [1] 

              Recently, in challenging contentions I had raised, “RGR”—an otherwise unnamed commenter (a petroleum engineer, if I understood correctly)—offered this:

            Those of us paying attention to oil supply issues are on occasion torn by decisions as to whether to simply be amused by the maddening, cherry-picked attempts at analysis of the “myth” of peak oil [similar to the myth of gravity], or  just annoyed as hell that even the […]

                So instead of a more self-reflexive populace that understands everyone — including oneself — is full of contradictions, and more importantly, that it’s entirely natural to have some analytical imperfections, we’ve become a society of self-denial, where a person’s opinions can be easily discredited unless they practice […]

            Not too long, another in the endless procession of skate-past-facts-we-don’t like articles made its way into publication via a piece entitled “Here’s The Statistic That Will Be Written On The Tombstones Of Peak Energy Believers”

              Recent publications featuring the impressive tales of the billions made by oil industry entrepreneurs does have a certain appeal to it, whether one is a cynic or fawning admirer. The levels of success and wealth enjoyed by those few—ignoring the not-always idealistic paths ushering

                Such a nice story of American derring-do! If being glib, sliding past facts and honesty, and uttering inanities to satisfy others are the keys to success, then we might be on the verge of a whole new wave of multi-zillionaires! 

            I and others have written a number of articles detailing some of the drawbacks, consequences, and less-publicized aspects of the recent oil production surge resulting from hydraulic fracturing (fracking) taking place in several regions of the country—most notably throughout the

            Last October, Peter Neill offered a passionate appeal for us all to consider more carefully and thoughtfully the energy supply roads we are now embarked upon in the aptly titled “What Price for Extra Oil?”. After an overview of recent energy production innovations and a sobering